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Jade Rollers Vs Rose Quartz Face Roller Benefits

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Jade Rollers Vs Rose Quartz Face Roller Benefits Jade Rollers Vs Rose Quartz Face Roller Benefits

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have wondered what’s the deal with crystal rollers and if they really work. Is there a magical difference between a jade roller and a rose quartz roller? And more importantly, which one gives the best results? Luckily for you, we did some digging so you don’t have to.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller Benefits 

What Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are Known For 

Ancient Egyptians believed that Rose Quartz crystals had anti-ageing properties. It’s even thought that the Goddess Isis would gather rose quartz crystals by the Nile River and use them to keep her skin youthful and contoured. Given the Egyptians also believed in mummification and a variety of other superstitions – hearing they used and loved Rose Quartz crystals shouldn’t come as a shock. The beautiful rose-tinted stone was (and still is) known as the love stone and is still valued for its vibrations of unconditional love, self-care, healing and joy. 

Fast forward 2,000 years and crystals are more popular than ever. Beautiful Rose Quartz Facial Rollers adorn beauty cabinets across the world with women (and men) loving their power to instantly depuff skin, contour cheekbones, smooth fine lines and drain toxins. 

What is a Rose Quartz Facial Roller Made of?

Believe it or not, Rose Quartz Facial Rollers often sit at a slightly higher price point than Jade Rollers. This is because Rose Quartz contains important minerals like silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen. What’s really powerful is the fact that when you massage your face with rose quartz, the skin can topically borrow and benefit from the minerals in the stone. This is why you need to do your research and avoid cheap Rose Quartz because the stone more often than not is fake and won’t harness any of the properties of the genuine crystal. In short: you won’t get the results you want to see.

Our Riya Ultrasonic Rose Quartz Roller is crafted with 100% genuine rose quartz meaning it's packed full of mineral properties to unlock the healing power of rose quartz crystal. 

What Will Rose Quartz Do to My Skin?

Rose Quartz is known as an 'emotional healer' and can be used to reduce and release impurities and stress in the skin. Beauty experts say it’s best for detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.

If you struggle with sensitive, easily reactive skin, or have inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, the cooling rose quartz facial roller is perfect for you. In fact, our Rose Skin Co Riya rose quartz head can be removed and popped in the fridge to further enhance the cooling effect – perfect for anyone with rosacea or acne inflammation.

Jade Facial Roller Benefits

What Jade Facial Rollers are Known For

Jade is a stone known for peace, wisdom and balance whereas rose quartz is a crystal known for enhancing anything love-related. Other than the colour difference, Jade's molecular structure also disperses heat easier than rose quartz crystal, so you can expect your rose quartz roller to stay cooler for a little longer, while Jade is better if you’re looking for something that can also help with contouring your skin.

What is a Jade Facial Roller Made of?

Real jade is a naturally dark green or light green stone with natural pattern varieties like white swirls and black dots. It’s quite light in weight and if dropped, it will break easily. Jade naturally is a softer stone than rose quartz so if you need something heavy duty then we recommend a Rose Quartz Facial Roller. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that jade carries a healing energy that can help balance your inner energies, relax the nervous system, and create a sense of harmony and balance.

What Will Jade Do to My Skin?

Jade is ideal for wrinkles and loose skin as it helps raise the immunity of skin, as well as grow new skin cells. Unlike some other stones, jade is extremely calming which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It also improves skin elasticity, slims the face, encourages lymphatic drainage and can help prevent wrinkles. Unlike a Rose Quartz Roller, jade will not stay as cold for as long meaning if you suffer from rosacea, inflamed pimples or puffiness then you’d benefit more from the powerful properties of a Rose Quartz Facial Roller.

RoseSkinCo Riya Rose Quartz Roller

Now you know how to use a facial roller, we recommend you start with a genuine high-quality crystal facial roller. Meet Riya, our ultrasonic rose quartz roller designed to help promote circulation, decrease puffiness and powerfully aids the body’s natural lymphatic drainage. 

Riya will give your face a glow-up with a cool 13,000 vibrations per minute. Target under your eyes, cheekbones and jawline for a visible lift after just 5 minutes of use. If you're ready to roll away puffiness and start your day with a fresh contoured face, then try RoseSkinCo Riya Ultrasonic Rose Quartz Roller today.