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Hair Removal

This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

2 min read

This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

To shave or not to shave? Thankfully, isn't the only option when it comes to easy body hair removal. 


Shaving has been the go-to, at-home method for good (and painless) hair removal. However, thanks to beauty tech, there are better and more innovative ways to remove hair just as effectively, like using an IPL hair removal device. But sometimes, choosing a hair removal method is a personal choice, so we've decided to put the two to the test to help you decide which tool will work best for you.

For long-lasting results: IPL 

If you've been shaving for most of your life, you know that hair can grow back within a few days. What makes IPL a good option for most people is the long-lasting hair removal results. In most cases, users can experience almost permanent hair removal after using a device for 12 weeks. Touch-ups every few months is typical, but compared to having to shave every week? Yeah, we're going to give this one to IPL. 


For exfoliating: Shaving 

Shaving is a great way to exfoliate the skin. Although it may not be as effective as using a scrub, shaving with a high-quality razor blade can help remove dead skin cells and unwanted hair. It's why we recommend shaving right before each IPL session, so you can have a soft and smooth canvas to work on. The winner? Shaving.



For people suffering from excess hair growth: IPL

All bodies are created equally beautiful, but we know for some people, having excess hair growth can be both an insecurity and a struggle to maintain. In fact, it's a common symptom for women with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances. Although shaving every day may be a viable option for managing excess hair growth, it's not always the most practical. For a more hassle-free and straightforward hair removal? We're going to give this one to IPL. 

For painless hair removal: Both 

There's a reason why shaving trumps waxing, because why go through all the pain? But IPL devices also offer a near-painless solution to traditional in-clinic laser hair removal. In fact, most at-home IPL handsets will feature different settings to help cater to every level of pain tolerance. Our pick for painless hair removal? We're going to give this a tie.  

For an environmentally friendly option: IPL 

With talks about eco-friendly beauty practices, one of the biggest conversations is the environmental impact of disposable razors. According to Ecowatch, in America alone, around 2 billion unrecyclable disposable razors have been trashed and sitting in landfills for the last 30 years. The great thing about having an IPL device is that it's a one-time, long-life purchase, therefore a more environmentally alternative. So, we're giving the Green Prize to IPL. 

No matter which hair removal option you decide to go for, our goal as a company is to make your beauty routine simple. To learn more about our hair removal products, including our bestselling IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset and our 4D Shaver, check out our product page below.