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IPL Hair Removal at Home: 5 Reasons To Choose Our Handset

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IPL Hair Removal at Home: 5 Reasons To Choose Our Handset IPL Hair Removal at Home: 5 Reasons To Choose Our Handset
If you're tired of the endless rounds of shaving, waxing, tweezing, and then doing it all over again, it's time to consider IPL hair removal. In the past, you could only get this type of treatment in a spa or clinic, but with the RoseSkinCo handset, you can do effective IPL hair removal at home and put an end to the expensive and time-consuming cycle of hair removal.

IPL Hair Removal at Home: How Does It Work?

When you shave, you're only removing the hair that grows above the skin. When you tweeze or wax, you're removing the hair entirely; but you're not destroying the hair follicle below the skin. That follicle will just keep growing hair.
IPL hair removal uses the heat of the laser to target the hair follicle, painlessly, and effortlessly damaging it so hair can't grow back. After just a few treatments, you'll see clinical results, and you'll see significantly reduce hair regrowth from your very first use.

Why Do It At Home?

Clinical laser treatments are incredibly expensive and also involve travel and consultation time that can be hard to fit into your schedule. When you have treatments at home, you can do it at whatever time fits your schedule.

The RoseSkinCo: 5 Reasons to Choose Our Handset

1. It Works Safely

Many clinical studies have demonstrated that IPL laser hair removal is perfectly safe. Our handset uses FDA-approved IPL technology to ensure efficacy and safety. Our handset is CE, ISO 13485, and RoHS Certified.

2. It Works Best

We cover our handset with a one-year warranty against defects and a 90-day money-back guarantee. If it's not working for you, we will make it right. Our 10,000+ customers all around the world can testify to the effectiveness of this product, and our handheld laser is the best IPL hair removal device for at-home use.

3. It Works Anywhere

We all have different areas of the skin we want to see hair-free. Our IPL handset can be safely used on the underarms, legs, face, and Brazilian area. In fact, you can use our RoseSkinCo IPL hair removal handset for full-body hair removal treatments. It takes just 30 minutes to cover everything using our handset's two modes: Stamp or Glide. Stamp mode is perfect for precision hair removal, while Glide mode is the right choice for covering a large area like the leg.

4. It Works With Most Skin Types

Early IPL technology was only able to work with the very lightest of skin tones, leaving no good options for the rest of us. Our IPL laser hair removal handset can be used on all but the very darkest of skin tones safely and effectively.

5. It Works Quickly

All it takes is one treatment a week for four weeks to see clinical results. By week 12, your hair removal will be done, with only the need for an occasional touchup.

Get Clinical Results at Home!

Break the cycle and get rid of the hair with the RoseSkinCo IPL laser!