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How to Use Your IPL Hair Removal Device At Home

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How To Use The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset At Home How To Use The RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset At Home

With the right device and a little know-how, IPL permanent hair removal is super easy to do from the comfort of your home. That being said, the process DOES take some getting used to!

Whether you’ve just purchased your very own Lumi IPL Hair Removal Handset and you’re looking for RoseSkinCo instructions, or you’re trying to wrap your head around what IPL treatment will *actually* be like before you take the leap, you’re in the right place. We’ll break down how to use an IPL hair removal handset at home so you can enjoy permanently smooth, silky, hair-free skin in just a matter of weeks.

At-home IPL hair removal instructions vary depending on your device. This article will focus on the #1 at-home permanent hair removal solution: Lumi IPL Hair Removal

In this quick guide, we’ll give you a rundown of how the device works and how to use it, answering common questions like:

  • What is IPL?
  • How can I use IPL at home?
  • How should I prep my skin for IPL treatment?
  • How do I use my IPL handset?
  • How often should I use my IPL handset?
  • How do the different IPL modes work?
  • How should I care for my IPL handset?

And more! Follow these RoseSkinCo Lumi instructions for IPL hair removal and you’ll be a pro in no time.

What Is the RoseSkinCo Lumi Permanent Hair Removal Device?

First off, let’s brush up on a little vocab: what is IPL? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It works similarly to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safer to do at home.

Lumi is a handheld device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin. It stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction.

IPL Hair Removal Instructions

Now that you have a little insight into how IPL works, let’s dive deeper into how to use RoseSkinCo’s Lumi. If you already have your own IPL handset, have it ready – we’ll be going through each treatment phase in detail so you can follow along every step of the way!

Again, note that at-home IPL use instructions vary depending on your device – if you’re looking for instructions for a different IPL handset, we recommend consulting the user manual that came with it. We’ll focus on RoseSkinCo Lumi instructions.

Read on to learn how to use RoseSkinCo’s Permanent Hair Removal Device.

How to Prep the Skin for IPL Treatment

One day, IPL hair removal will make it so you can toss your razors for good and never shave again… but today is not that day. Your razor (or, better yet, your 4D Shaver) is actually a stellar sidekick when it comes to getting the best results out of your IPL treatment.

Shaving takes your hair down just enough to prevent burns while leaving the root intact under the surface so your IPL handset can target it. Other forms of hair removal, such as waxing and tweezing, remove the hair root entirely, inhibiting IPL treatment. 

Ideally, IPL treatment prep starts the day before. 24 hours before treatment, exfoliate your skin using the Deep Exfoliating Glove to remove dead skin cells.

Then, shave the area you’re intending to treat and be sure that your skin is completely dry and free from any gels, oils, or moisturizer.

That being said, if the area you’re treating is already hairless and smooth to the touch, shaving isn’t necessary. (Also, if you’re planning on using your IPL device on your face, we recommend dermaplaning before treatment!)

We also recommend reading through all of the enclosed safety precautions prior to using your IPL handset. 

Get to Know Your IPL Handset

RoseSkinCo’s Lumi Permanent Hair Removal Device is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of either hand. Before turning your device on, get used to holding it and note where the buttons, light window, and indicator lights are.

Note that you may want to adjust your grip and swap hands depending on the area you’re targeting – as long as you’re able to place the light window in direct contact with the skin, you can hold your device in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Activate Your IPL Handset

Next up, find a comfortable position near an electrical outlet and plug your device in. Once the green light comes on, that’s Lumi telling you it’s ready to be turned on.

Press the power button to turn Lumi on, then click on the light button to select a level that suits your tolerance level. 

If it’s your first time doing IPL treatment, we suggest starting on the lowest setting and increasing the intensity once a week as your comfort level allows. (IPL treatment is virtually painless, but the flash heat from the IPL does deliver a tingling sensation that might take some getting used to.) If you’ve used IPL before, we recommend using the highest setting you’re comfortable with for the best results.

How to Use Lumi for Permanent Hair Removal

It’s treatment time! Once your skin is prepped and your device is turned on, you’re ready to begin IPL treatment.

Place Lumi’s light window flat against the part of your body you want to treat – you should then see the indicator light start to blink. This means it’s ready to pulse.

Once you’re in position, tap the ‘pulse’ button. You’ll notice a slight flash, indicating that the area has been treated.

From there, simply lift the handset and apply it to the next spot you want to treat. (Try not to go over the same area more than once in a single session to avoid irritation.) Repeat these steps until the entire area you wish to treat has been covered – it’s that easy!

How Do Lumi’s Different Modes Work?

Lumi is equipped with three separate speed modes designed to make your hair removal journey as easy as possible. Here’s how they work:

Stamp Mode

In Stamp Mode, Lumi pulses with each individual click. This is the default mode on your handset and it’s perfect for precision face hair removal, underarm hair removal, and bikini hair removal.

Glide Mode

In Glide Mode, your device will flash periodically while in contact with your skin. This mode is ideal for treating your arms and torso.

To activate IPL Glide Mode, place the flash window flat against your skin, hold the pulse button down, and glide the device across the area you wish to treat.

Auto Mode

In Auto Mode, your device will flash every half-second it is in contact with your skin, without needing to click the pulse button. This mode is ideal for treating legs.

To activate Auto Mode, hold the device away from your skin and hold down the pulse button until all indicator lights are blinking. Then, hold your handset to your skin and lift it after each flash to cool the bulb.

How to Turn Off and Care For Your IPL Handset

Done using your handset? Tap and hold the power button to turn it off, then unplug the device. When not in use, store your IPL handset securely in a cool, dry area.

To clean your handset, first disconnect it from its electricity supply. Then, wipe the device down with a clean, dry cloth and 70% alcohol. (Don’t use acetone or other abrasive fluids – they may damage your handset.) Dry the device with a dry cloth or paper towel before using or storing.

Never immerse your handset or any of its parts in water.

How Often Should You Use Lumi Hair Removal?

RoseSkinCo’s Lumi IPL device is certified to deliver long-term hair removal after just 12 uses, but chances are you’ll start to see a serious reduction in hair growth after just 3 or 4. So how often should you use Lumi hair removal? We recommend using your handset once a week for twelve weeks. You can use IPL twice a week for six weeks instead if you’re eager for faster results!

Following that initial treatment period, you should only need to use IPL once a month for three months, or for occasional touch-ups as desired.

At-Home IPL vs Salon IPL 

IPL is an increasingly popular permanent hair removal solution. Some dermatologists, aestheticians, and salons offer IPL treatment in their clinics if you don’t feel like DIYing it. It’s typically more expensive, costing anywhere from $700-1200 USD. (Compared to Lumi’s one-time cost of $229, currently on sale for $189.)

If you’re planning on doing IPL treatment at home, be sure to purchase an IPL handset that’s intended for home use. IPL wavelengths used in salons utilize a slightly higher frequency that should only be used by a professional. (That being said, the full treatment time for at-home IPL is actually shorter than most salon schedules since salons typically require a longer wait time between visits – we’re tellin’ ya, at-home IPL is the way to go!)

RoseSkinCo Instructions & Tips for At-Home IPL

Using RoseSkinCo’s Lumi Permanent Hair Removal Device is easy… but at the same time, there’s a big difference between understanding how to use it and actually using it like a pro. Follow these tips and tricks for the very BEST results.

  • IPL is only effective when the hair follicle is in place and hasn’t been removed by waxing or epilation. Avoid undergoing these procedures prior to any IPL treatment.
  • Using a strong SPF sunscreen is ALWAYS a good idea, but it’s crucial if you’re going into the sun after an IPL treatment. If you’re planning on tanning, wait at least 48 hours after IPL treatment.
  • If you’re using the device on a small part of your body such as face, underarms, or bikini line, we recommend using Stamp Mode. For larger areas, we recommend Glide Mode or Auto Mode.
  • Remember to lift the head of the device after each pulse to avoid overheating.
  • If your skin often experiences redness and irritation after shaving, we recommend shaving the night before your IPL treatment to prep the skin.
  • Moisturize afterward with a gentle, aloe-based lotion like Aloe Coco Body Lotion to soothe treated skin and maintain hydration.      

How to Stay Safe Using At-Home IPL

IPL is a popular, well-researched option for safe and effective long-term hair removal. Lumi itself is FDA-cleared, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified for safe at-home use. All UV rays are filtered to protect your skin. That being said, carefully follow these safety precautions to keep your handset in top condition and ensure a safe and enjoyable treatment experience.

  • Do not use your IPL device in or around water.
  • While you can use Lumi just about anywhere, we do not recommend using your IPL handset above the cheekbones or on the inner parts of the bikini area (labia minora, vagina, scrotum, or anus).
  • Although there is no evidence showing that IPL has negative effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women, to be safe we do not recommend at-home IPL treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • We only recommend IPL hair removal treatment for users aged 16 and over. Anyone under 18 years old should seek parental consent and an expert opinion from an aesthetician or dermatologist before using a RoseSkinCo IPL handset.
  • Do not perform IPL treatment over tattoos. Going around tattoos to treat an area is fine.              
  • Avoid using your IPL device on broken skin, burnt skin, or very dark freckles or moles.

Will At-Home IPL Treatment Work for Me?

Most likely! Lumi is safe and gentle enough even for sensitive skin. That being said, the technology requires contrast between skin color and hair color to work its magic. IPL may not be a good fit for light blonde, red, or gray hair color, or for those with very dark skin.

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The RoseSkinCo Guarantee

Not certain whether RoseSkinCo’s Lumi Permanent Hair Removal Device will work for you? Hey, even if you’re someone who’s a good candidate for IPL, we get it – at-home permanent hair removal in just 6-12 weeks almost sounds too good to be true. (In this case, it isn’t. But it may sound that way!)

It can be hard to trust a random site on the internet. (Though we’d say thousands of RoseSkinCo reviews are pretty dang trustworthy!) But that’s why we offer 90-day returns and a 1-year warranty on all Lumi purchases. That way, you can try it out, see how it works for you, and if you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll refund you in full. Even if you’ve already been using it for weeks! (Pst… free worldwide shipping, too!)

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