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How to Cover a Tattoo For Laser Hair Removal

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How to Cover a Tattoo For Laser Hair Removal How to Cover a Tattoo For Laser Hair Removal

Listen up: laser hair removal technology is not designed to work on tattoos and in fact can be very dangerous. The good news is you can can still carry out laser hair removal treatments, you just need to know how to do it safely.

Does laser hair removal work the same as laser tattoo removal?

No, no and no. Laser hair removal (both regular and IPL) and laser tattoo removal are anything but similar and are powered by totally different technologies. If you want to undergo laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal on the same part of skin, then you need to successfully complete laser tattoo removal first. Once your skin has completely healed only then will you be able to do laser hair removal on the area. 

Can I have laser hair removal without damaging the tattoo?

No, you cannot have laser hair removal on any area of skin that's covered with a tattoo. Not only will you damage the tattoo, you will burn and blister the skin. In fact, laser hair removal on a tattoo can even reduce the color in the tattoo. 

Why? Well, laser hair removal (both IPL and regular laser hair removal) works by sending a concentrated beam of light into your hair follicles. The laser is attracted to pigment which absorbs the light and heat, damaging the follicle enough to slowly stop further growth. Unfortunately, the technology cannot distinguish the difference between a tattoo and natural pigment so it damages the tattoo and your skin. 

Thankfully, you can still have laser hair removal if you have tattoos – you'll just need to carefully cover your tattoo and laser around the area.

How do I safely cover my tattoo for laser hair removal?

Believe it or not, it's common for people to accidentally do IPL laser hair removal on their tattoo. Trust us, it's a painful mistake to make both for your skin and the aesthetics of the tattoo. 

The good news is you can safely laser around the tattoo and if possible, cover it. If you have a small tattoo we recommend covering it with a bandaid. Alternatively, if your tattoo is larger in size then it's safe enough to laser around the tattoo ensuring there's enough space between each laser flash of light and the tattoo.

Can I get a tattoo after laser hair removal?

Yes of course, but a tattoo after laser hair removal comes with a price. If you have had laser hair removal on an area of skin and are now hairless but decide to get a tattoo – you will not be able to do top-up treatments on this area in the future. This means as time passes, the hair in that area will inevitably start to grow back and you will have to choose another form of hair removal like shaving, waxing or hair removal cream. 

If you are still thinking about laser hair removal check out our IPL handset. Not only is it super easy and convenient, it works – just make sure to avoid those tattoos!