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How Often Should You Do Facial Cleansing?

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How Often Should You Do Facial Cleansing? RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleanser How Often Should You Do Facial Cleansing? RoseSkinCo Petal Facial Cleanser
We've heard Jennifer Lopez say that no matter how tired she is, she washes her face every night. That dragged us to the bathroom for four nights in a row. The fifth night? We fell asleep. But if you want a J-Lo glow, just how often should you do facial cleansing?

Let's Start With Why You Should Clean Your Face

It's easy to think, on a day you've skipped makeup and ducked around town, running errands that you don't really need to wash your face at night. You're not wearing heavy makeup, so it's fine to skip a night, right? Not so fast.

Would you wash your hands once in the morning and skip it for the rest of the day and just wash them again the next morning? We're really hoping not. You touch your face hundreds of times a day without realizing it. So, everything on your hands is now on your face. Not to mention, you're walking through pollution, other people's skin cells, and dirt—all day long.

Your Pores

We're not going to get crazy technical on you, but let's just say your pores have a direct line into the depths of your skin. They also pump oil out every single day to keep your face from drying out. That oil is a little tiny sponge that grabs dirt, pollution, and a whole lot of gross stuff and pulls it into your pores. And there it all sits.

If you're at all acne-prone, you also have extra bacteria on your skin, just waiting to infect some of your pores and create a mega-size breakout.

Dead Skin

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your skin just looked dull? It was, and if you're not washing your face every day, it probably still is. Our skin cells turn over every 28 days, but not all at the same time, so you always have some dead skin cells on top of brand-new healthy ones.

If you leave the dead skin cells there, they will also clog up your pores. Plus, all that expensive stuff you buy to put on your face to keep your skin young isn't going to get absorbed the way it would if you gave your face a good wash.

Keeping Your Skin Young

It seems like everything promises to keep your skin young these days, but here's a hint—it can be as easy as washing your face. If you keep your skin cells healthy, they'll stay bright and smooth. And if you cleanse your skin the right way, you can even look younger.

The Right Way to Clean Your Face

You thought you had this figured out, didn't you? You just dampen your face and your hands, rub some stuff on and then rinse it off and call it good. Nope, that's the wrong way.

You could get a washcloth to help with the job, but half your expensive cleanser is going on to the washcloth and down the drain. Plus, it's just a washcloth, it's not doing much more than your fingertips.

Give Your Skin a RoseSkinCo Petal

There's a really simple way to get glowing skin, keep your face clean and maybe give you the best chance at looking like J Lo this side of a plastic surgeon's knife. It's called the RoseSkinCo Petal.

The Petal

Once you wash your face with The Petal, you're seriously going to wonder what on earth you did before, but you definitely know there will never be an after. This is a brilliantly designed, hand-held ultrasonic facial cleansing device. It's curved to fit your face and is covered with the softest silicone ever.
Here are the reasons we love the Petal:
  • The ultrasonic energy provides a deep but gentle cleansing
  • The massaging function stimulates oxygen flow to the skin
  • The curved design conforms to your face
  • The silicone is bacteria resistant
  • There are two silicone bristle zones, detail for smaller areas and gentle for larger regions
  • It's waterproof
  • You're only going to need to buy one because it's rechargeable

Why Ultrasonic and Massage Matters

This is not your average face washing. When you combine the blood circulating ultrasonic power with the massaging function, it cleans deeper than you could ever get at home otherwise. All that dirt, and makeup come out, and then your pores shrink.

The increased blood flow helps keep your skin looking young by plumping up areas of fine lines and wrinkles. This removes your dead skin cells and lets your skincare products be absorbed by your newly cleansed skin.

How Often Should You Do Facial Cleansing?

To get the best results, you need to use the Petal to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Visit to get your Petal and change your skin. If you follow this skincare regimen, your skin will glow, be smooth, soft, and look younger. You're going to love your skin!