The best safe way to remove pubic hair at home The best safe way to remove pubic hair at home

3 Ways to Remove Pubic Hair Without Shaving (And Why One Will Change Your Life)

February 11, 2021

3 min read

Getting hairless at home is probably high up on your self-care to-do list, but why is it never as simple as something menial like shampooing? Trust us, once you master pubic hair removal at home (sans cuts or razor burn) you'll never look back.

Feel like old-school shaving is a vibe you're over? We hear you. In fact, a 2017 study has shown more than 25% of those who shave their bits sustain an injury. 

Yeah, yikes. 

Hair Removal Cream or Depilatory Cream

Have you really lived if you haven't stunk up your bathroom with eau de hair removal? Whatever the scent is, nine times out of ten, it is pungent – but hey, it gets the job done. Expect hair removal cream results to last for anything from 2-7 days depending on coarseness of hair, skin color and whatever your hormones are up to.

As far as the award for best hair removal cream for private parts goes, it really depends on what you define as best given none of them will permanently remove pubic hair. The shorter smoothness window comes down to the fact hair removal creams work at the surface level of skin. Once the cream is applied, it breaks down the part of the hair that you can see – but nothing under it. This is why you can sadly expect to see (and feel) hair again quite soon.

How to use Hair Removal Cream

Why do people love to use hair removal cream? Simply put: it's painless. Unless you manage to splash some in your eye (yeah, don't ask). The point is, you slap the cream on, wait 10 to 20 minutes and wipe the hair off. Et voilà. 

With innovation comes great things – such as specially designed hair removal cream for the genital area. It's even easy to find a speciality facial hair removal cream for men. Although science has come leaps and bounds, it has yet to create a permanent hair removal cream. So yeah, if someone could place a bulk order for that – please and thank you.

Epilation Hair Removal

Put your thinking cap on for a second because epilation and depilation sound same same but different. Why? Well, because they are different. Depilation is the removal of hair at the skin's surface by chemical or mechanical means (aka shaving). Whereas epilation is the removal of hair right from the root (aka waxing). 

A trusty form of epilation hair removal is via a store-bought epilator. Unlike hair removal cream, expect to enjoy a longer window of hair-free bliss. However with such a gain comes pain. If you use an epilator for pubic hair removal, the process will be a little painful and unfortunately not as quick as waxing. 

Finally, if you're wondering is an epilator safe for pubic hair? The answer is yes, it's safe but you'll need to allow for regrowth between sessions. 

IPL Laser Hair Removal

The jury is out on the best way to remove pubic hair at home. But if you're serious about long-term permanent hair removal then IPL is 100% for you. Sure, a slick of hair removal cream down under works wonders. And yes, an epilator might not be so bad. But there's nothing sweeter than gradually removing shaving from your to-do list. 

When you use an IPL Laser Hair Removal handset like the RoseSkinCo™ IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, you will have to shave your pubic area before each treatment at home. It's a small price to pay, but the more you use the device the less the hair will grow until you no longer need to shave. 

Like we said, a small price. And it's safe and virtually pain-free. 

Forget the mile-high club; the smooth skin society is where it's at. And it starts with laser hair removal. Try it today and thank yourself tomorrow. 

Ps. Does your hair color and skin tone not make you an ideal candidate? If so, consider a 4D shaver with an ergonomic handle for an extra close yet safe shave for your pubic area.